Saturday, December 4, 2010

our very own....

African Children's Choir!!! You see, each & every morning I wake up to the most precious little voices!!! Ageze & Tesfa wake so very quietly, can hear them whispering back & forth, and then all of a sudden you'd think we had the whole African Childrens Choir in our home!!! They jump on their beds, singing their little hearts out(in amharic!!) And us other 4, well, we sit their wondering what this song might be, taking in every little word they say...Grant & Kate trying so hard to figure out what they are saying...ha!! Funny thing is, a few years back...we went to the African Children's Choir performance here in Bismarck, and remember saying..."man, how could we sponsor one of these children, or have one or two of them stay with us while they are here...just to get a glimpse of their lives within this organization...and beyond." Well, we are sure getting our very own glimpse here in our home!!! Oh, how I love the sound of childrens' voices...there's nothing sweeter!!!
On a different note: for the first time in a very long time(like years!) Kasey is home with us on a Saturday!!!! Yay for that!!! Kasey will be starting a new job on December 15th!!! We are so excited for this opportunity, and feel like our prayer has been answered...yay God!!!   happy saturday...xo kristen

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  1. I can totally understand your excitement at having daddy home on a Saturday! I'm sure that was enjoyed by all. What will he be doing now? Congrats to him on the new job!