Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 1: Reunited

Day 1: I woke up this morning feeling unusually nervous. In my mind I kept thinking about what was going to happen when she sees me for the first time again. She was so clingy to Kristen and not me when we were here in March, so that had me worried.

I went for walk down the street after breakfast to watch the kids soccer team practice which was awesome by the way. Dakota United Soccer Club better pick up there practice intensity, holy cow. After that it was time for the drive to the care center. I showed up at the front gate, so nervous I needed water and Ariyat ran up and grabbed me. It was such an awesome feeling knowing that she was excited to see me. At the same time she was holding onto me and holding my hands, I could see her Aunt who is in town for her Embassy interview in the background watching. Made my heart sink for her. Later I saw her watching Ariyat sit on my lap and she was smiling while she wiped away a tear. She is a young lady maybe about 18 years old tops but she carried herself with such dignity. Our translator was not there today so I didn't get a chance to speak with her and I am so excited for that in the morning. I have so many things to ask and tell her. That will be a good update for tomorrow...

She continuously asks about mom, Kate, and Grant. (she doesn't know Ageze and Tesfa yet but soon) and I know she is excited to get to America to see them. She keeps saying, "Momma home". I know Kris wants to be here so bad to be with Ariyat but she mad such a sacrifice to stay home and make sure the transition can go as well as it can. I love that about her. Kids first, every time... Tonight after she ate a huge bowl of Spaghetti for supper we went back to the room and Ariyat just looked at me and said "Poppa, TV off" ha just like her mom then she crashed. Look forward to telling you more tomorrow.



  1. So glad to see this update, you're doing a great job, Kasey and we're praying for the rest of your family back here!

  2. Love hearing the updates - thanks for sharing!!! So happy for your family!!!