Friday, April 23, 2010

6 years

We were blessed with this beautiful, precious, sweet, kind, gentle gift from God..What a girl our Kate is!! 10:23 in the morning, on that April day, forever changed our life..She is such a blessing to our family, and also to her friends:) Not a day goes by, where Kate doesn't flash that sparkly smile of hers!! She's quick to help, a friend to everyone, and one of the nicest people to be around!! What a fun day she, and we all had...she requested donuts for her school, purple sprinkled donuts it was!! I was able to spend a couple of hours at their school this morning, and fun was to be had..there was even a little 12-day old lamb visiting..and if you know our Kate, she LOVES anything animal:) So, of course she had to hold miss Daisy!! After school we had ice cream with some friends, and then we had dinner, Stella cake(oh, how i love me some Stella cake!!) and opened gifts...she's totally into barbies right we now have about 100 barbies taking over our house!!(and of course, all of their accessories..) Well, we obviously had a busy day...she is sound asleep...gotta rest up for her friend party tomorrow!!! Thanks to everyone who came and celebrated Kate!!! enjoy a few pics..xo kristen 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

what a week!!

So here's my recap of the week....Monday...wait to hear something..i mean anything about the boys, would have been great..but no such luck!! Tuesday...again, hoping to hear some sort of an update on court...once again, no such luck....Wednesday....receive a bit of news, rescheduled for a May 6th court date..could it be any further away?? But, hey, at least we got some sort of news...yes, not exactly what we were hoping for, but i'll take it!! And here we are today..and what a day!! We received a new update..still have may 6th court date, however were told our littlest man's file had something missing or wrong, and the director would be taking care of this issue, and he is sure we should pass on May 6th..if not, before:) So, i take that as good news..they are taking care of it, and sound very mommas happy!! Then, off to the party store my mom and I went...balloons, streamers and everything see, tomorrow is my sweet Kate's 6th Birthday!! Anyhow, will post more on her later!! However, while called and told us that our sweet, lovable, loyal dog Hobbs..needed to be put to sleep today..our whole family knew this was coming, but we were unprepared as to how we would feel..what a horrible feeling, i mean I knew it would be terribly sad...but did not expect so many tears:( Then came home, turned on my computer, and guess who's beautiful, big, brown eyes are staring back at me?? Yep, our boys, and then this teary eyed momma burst into tears..i ache to hold them, kiss em, and finally meet them. Ok, so for me a trip to Plant Perfect shall make me feel better, so off I went..scoping out all of the beautiful plants...wondering if our N.D. will hold out so i can buy myself some, and then the phone rings, it's my mom, on her way to the vet with our family pup..and she tells me that my grandma called and grandpa is going to the ER in an ambulance..seriously, what next?? So, I rush down to be with grandma, and grandpa on a stretcher still telling jokes, and making the paramedics laugh so hard, they are about to pee their pants...Anyhow, please pray for my papa Chuck..they are still doing tests, and we pray they figure out what is wrong and he can go on his merry way!! So, after school, we went to the park and what greets me..yep, a black miniature collar, leash and all...yep, brought me to tears once again..He looked exactly like Hobbs..about 10 years ago. So there you have it...sad, sad day....and in all of this i feel thankful...thankful for our children, thankful for our Hobbs, thankful for papa Chuck and the spirited light he is to our family, thankful that tomorrow we will be celebrating Kates 6th birthday, and thankful for a new day:) xo Kristen

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Waiting, waiting and more waiting.  We are still waiting to see what is going on with the infamous MOWA letter.  Amazing what a piece of paper can do to a persons emotions.  You hear about the emotional journey that goes along with adoption but nothing can prepare you for seeing your boys faces and falling in love with them and having obstacles keep popping up between you and them.  I guess we are just drained and really need to pass court for our sanity.  You really have no control during the process and we just need to trust that God has this awesome plan for us and that it is unfolding, we just need to step back and appreciate it and know that it will be ok.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

aging & aggravated

Ok....where do i begin?? We, along with 4 other families, had court today in ET, and DID NOT pass...ugh!! Yep, thats exactly how i is this so?? What was missing this time?? So many ?'s....This process of waiting, praying, wishing has aged me like 10 years....This morning brought back memories of when i was pregnant.... just waiting, and waiting and more waiting for that darling, precious package of baby love and joy to come...and we sit here today still waiting..i just want them home!! All of the info we received, was that all families did not pass, and we havent been rescheduled due to internet problems in we hear something..i really dislike not knowing, or i guess i should say i dislike not being in control...yes, i'm working on that one..ha!! Please pray for whatever the problem, issue, paperwork missing be there soon..and may there be an answer to our ?'s sooner rather than later!! Also, for grant and kate...they were soooo excited this morning, and now i'll have to pick them up, and soothe their little hearts...they were obviously hoping that they would be big brother/sister for today....I'll be waiting...xo kristen

Monday, April 12, 2010

3 months....

3 months the day.....we saw our boys for the very first time!! How much they have changed from those very first should see them...beyond beautiful!! It was love at first sight, the minute we saw their precious faces...we knew they were our son's/brothers. And guess what??....i hope to be introducing them to you in like a day and a exciting!!! Today we received two very sweet photos, and there they were standing next to one necklaces on, i.d. bracelets wrapped around their little wrists...and the front photo was of our 4 precious kiddos!! Grant & kate thought it was pretty neat that their pix are all the way in ET!! Again, it made me feel that much closer to them and their hearts....they now have pix of us!!! Wonder what they are thinking?? Will they like Nala(our sweet dog)?? Do they really grasp the whole thing?? well, i hope by the time we get to bring our boys home, that our faces will look somewhat familiar, since i'm obviously assuming they are staring at our photos...ha!! p.s.....tomorrow night while we are sleeping..or trying to sleep...court will be happening in ET!! Please pray that our MOWA letter is there, and that we will pass with flying colors:) Tonight we attended grant and kates elementary art show...the artwork they have done throughout the year was on display, and treats were served...a fun night was had by all!! So fun to see all of the hard work and creativity that our children have put into their pictures/paintings!! Think I could have a couple of artists on my hands:) xo kristen

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Performance of the year!!

So, our 7 year old son came to us tonight and told us to come into the computer room, and well, this is what we saw!!!( kids are just way to smart these days:) Definitely a good laugh!!!  

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

love grows....

Ok, so last year my parents gave me the beautiful nest on top, for my birthday...what a precious gift, and what's even more precious are my children...all 4 of them!! Then there's the bottom nest...our 4 little peeps:) That makes my heart smile....I know, i was thinking of waiting to show you all, till we officially pass court, and they are officially ours, but, in our hearts they already there you have it...our 4 little chicks...and I can barely wait until we have them "all" in our little nest!! Thank you Lord for the beautiful weather all know how I love me some sun:) And, thank you for blessing my life with 4 precious children....       p.s. kasey asked, "what are you gonna do once we have more, just put ,and grows, and grows, and grows??"  Yep, my thoughts exactly...xoxo kristen

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

1 week.....

hmm....well, it's been 1 week, since we found out we didn't pass court,and now only 1 more week until our next court  date!! And guess what, I have to admit i'm feeling quite patient and peaceful about it all!! So, my hope is that in 1 week from today, we will be introducing our two sweet boys to you:) We received confirmation today, that all of our paperwork is at the embassy,which was a step in the right direction...this confirmation was needed before we travel, so that is encouraging!! We are so lucky to be working with such a great agency...IAN. We can't wait to meet all of the wonderful staff at IAN!! Each Tuesday, A few girls from church meet for a prayer time...and yesterday we focused on "Thankfulness." So, even though there are obstacles, challenges, frustrations in this life...I am THANKFUL. And I am THANKFUL for those obstacles, challenges,, today I am thankful for my husband, our precious children, all of my wonderful family and friends, relationships we've made on our journey to get our boys, our loving and forgiving GOD, and YOU!!! May you put all of your doubts, fears, worries aside tonight and be thankful for WHO and WHAT you have in your life...and place your doubts, fears and worries into God's hands. xo Kristen   love & be loved 

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday!!

We love Easter!! We had so much fun today starting at church, then eating Nana's famous German pancakes (ask Kate after she wolfed down 6 of them, far more than any adults) on to the afternoon rest time and getting ready for the whole extended family to come to Nana's for food and a the annual kite flying(could have used a little more wind).  Have I ever mentioned what an awesome hostess my mother is and her food, yummm.....I can't even describe how lucky we are.  Hope your day was as good as our!!