Thursday, July 29, 2010

Trips to the Dr.'s

Well, we made our first trips to the doctors for the boys.  They did great and even stood still for wrist scans to help determine there ages and x-rays to determine if they have Tuberculosis (TB test).  TB test has not come back yet but we got the ages back and it was pretty close to what we thought.  Tesfa came back at 2.8 yrs old and Ageze came back at 3.5yrs old(which might be a little young).  The age scans aren't completely accurate if either of the boys have the late-bloomer gene, but it helps us a little.  Both boys are on parasite medication which should be fun to see what comes out (Please let me be at work that day).  Poor Grant found himself at the dentists office again which he gets so nervous for.  It was a good opportunity to let Ageze and Tesfa see him there and under laughing gas because they will be making the trip soon and he sure made it look fun.  All in all the kids are having a blast and they play themselves into a deep sleep, mom and dad love that.  

Monday, July 26, 2010

Transition at home so far..

We have only been home for about 8 days and I can not believe how it feels like they have been with us for far longer.  I guess in our hearts they have been but what a ride it has been so far.  Don't mistaken our joy for easy, it has been far from it.  Tesfa, who is 2.5, has really adjusted well and is the clown of the family.  He has a deep chuckle that you can hear almost all day long but he is also so snugly and those cheeks of his are almost edible.  He has really attached to his brother and sister.  Tesfa's mom passed away when she was 16 and Tesfa was 1 years old, so he has not been anywhere longer than a year so we are trying to make him feel as stable as possible but he sure seems to be happy. Ageze, who is 4, has had a little tougher time adjusting.  He has been sweet and is very loving but he is also coming from a home with a 7,8, & 11 year old brother and a 2.5 old half sister.  So, he definitely is feeling a loss.  When we visited his birth family and he was given pictures of his brothers to take with him, he just lit up and was so happy to see there faces.  Which for us was very sad because we could see how much he loved them and would miss them.  Initially he would go into a shell and whimper any time he did not get his way and this would last for hours sometimes but as time has gone on, they have become less frequent and a lot shorter.  Grant and Kate have been adjusting well also.  I think sometimes we focus so much on how the adopted child is going to attach and adjust to the family and forget that it is a huge adjustment for the children already at home.  Kate is a natural mother hen and loves to look after the boys but I can see it in Grant's face sometimes when I look at him that he is unsure of what this means for his place in the family and wondering how this is going to change the family.  He is so sensitive and is such a thinker.  So, we have really been focusing on Grant and Kate at night when the boys go to bed to make sure they get a little time with mom and dad because during the day when the boys are discovering everything in the house, things are a little more chaotic. 


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

HOME.....And in LOVE!!!!

We are home!!!! We were welcomed home on Sunday by the kiddos, family & friends....and what a time it was!!! I feel so lucky to have been so supported through our entire process, and now even when we are home!! We have a great group of friends who have blessed us by bringing meals everyday for a week!!! How awesome is that!!! I am not a great receiver, so I have to admit it makes me feel a little guilty actually accepting these meals...but what a blessing it has been...So THANK YOU friends:) Just a quick update on how things are going here at home, and during the next week or so I'll try and recap our week In Addis!! At this point it's hard to even put it into words....what an amazing experience it was and ever-changing. We were sooooo excited to see our Grant & Kate... I felt such relief landing in Bismarck, and have never been so glad to be back in N.D.!!!! They were holding "Welcome Home" signs with the boys' pics on them, and they were so thrilled to see us!! The boys were great on the ride home...slept all but 2 hrs of our flight!!! What a miracle that was!! And I have to say..i did quite well..until they said they had to bond material on the engine back together!!!Are you kidding??? Like they had to say that, right before flying over the dreaded ocean!!! Anyhow, I'm back and safe:) Tesfa is a ball of fun, giggles like crazy, and loves to show us his belly:) Ageze is wise beyond his years, sweet, gentle, and has encountered way too much loss in his little life:(
They are a joy to have home, and we have really enjoyed watching the 4 of them interact...when we arrived at the airport....Ageze pulled his photo album out of his bag, and flipped to a pic of Grant & Kate...pointed to the pic of grant and then at him, and the same with Kate...he put it together!!! We came home to a balloon decorated house and a full meal, complete with our dear fun to introduce the boys to all of them and such a nice, warm welcome!! Our first couple days at home have been so nice to have Kasey home with us, learning about each other, and plain old having fun!! We've already experienced the zoo, cotton candy, sprinklers and many new sights, tastes, and sounds with them!!! I know...I'm not much of the cocooning, stay in my house for 3 months type....but, it works for us and our family!! So, enjoy a few pics from our first couple of days and you never know, you may even see us at the zoo again this week:).....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

leaving on a jet plane....

Can You believe the time is here??? No..neither can I!! We've been dreaming of this day for months...and in less than 3 days we will be with our boys!! Could you say CRAZY!! Now that it is here, it's really hard to imagine actually being in Ethiopia...i mean, we've been talking about this day forever!!! I have to tell HAPPY, JOYFUL, EXCITED, as I am...I am equally as NERVOUS, OVERWHELMED, get the point!! Not nervous about being there..but getting there...Not overwhelmed in a bad way..but in a whole lotta emotions all at the same time kinda way...And Not sad in a sad, sad way...just really sad to be leaving Grant & Kate here at home...i know..they will be with their nana & bompa...going to parks, Medora, swimming, eating snow-cones, etc...but I'm still just sad..sad because our whole family won't be together for 9 days...aaaaahhhh:( just 10 days..we will be together...the 6 of us!! My hope is to be able to update this blog every now & then, while we are there..however, if you don't hear from me..don't fret...the internet doesnt always cooperate!! Please pray for safe and uneventful flights, for Grant and Kate...that their hearts may feel love and peace while we are away, and of course for Ageze and Tesfa..that their hearts are being prepared for all of the changes that are coming their way!! Chow....for now!! xo kristen

Monday, July 5, 2010

4th festivities!!!!

What a fun weekend we had with family and friends!! I'm not going to bore you with a full outline of what our weekend consisted of...but, I will leave you with a few photos(ok, a few was much too small a #!!!) Hope you all had a fun-filled family weekend...full of treats, play, and fireworks:) Only 4 more days!!!!!!!!!
                                xo kristen & co.