Tuesday, February 28, 2012

emotion overload!

In one week from today, we will be stepping foot back in Ethiopia! It feels so unreal, really!! I remember last time leading up to the trip, it was actually really hard to picture ourselves being there!! It seems like it's on a whole different planet....so close, but yet so far away. I am absolutely, completely overjoyed that we will be meeting our girl in a week...but, I have so many other emotions as well. The thought (again!) of saying goodbye to 2 of our kiddos here, makes me teary. The thought of Grant & Kate having this opportunity is jaw-dropping. What an experience. The thought of finally holding our girl in our arms brings me back to tears & ear to ear smiles!! I can't wait to see Grant & Kate's first reaction as we step foot off the plane in ET. It was a shock for me, I can't imagine what their little minds will be thinking?! Grant has asked me a few times now, "Mom, what do you think "A" is going to do when she sees us for the 1st time??" Well, it could go a few different ways!! Ageze literally came running for me, jumped into my arms & held on for his life. Tesfa stood there completely emotionless...we scooped him up & he was unsure.... to say the least. They were both so different. I am going into this with zero expectations!! Either which way she reacts...I hope she lays her head down at night knowing that she is so very loved.

Tonight, as we sleep...her birth family will appear at court, giving the judge the final relinquishment of "A." I pray that her birth family feels hope & peace in this situation. I can't even begin to imagine what this must be like. Here we sit, so excited to finally be meeting her...all awhile her birth family makes that final statement....no words for this. I pray that the Lord will protect & cover them with His unending love. 

Along with all of this, please be praying for Tesfa. He started preschool today:) He will be going T & TH all day. The play therapist he sees, thought this would be a great idea for him....trusting & believing that this was a wise choice. Without going into too many details...the past couple of  weeks have been hard, really hard. I'm sure a bit of it comes from us going back to ET. Please pray that this transition for him ( & I) goes smooth & that we see a few improvements in his behavior towards me. 

Reminding myself, once again...that He never leaves us!!! I will never walk alone!!! Knowing that every victory is His power in us!!

                                                      love & be loved.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Passport & proud.

Look what came in the mail!!!! These 2 are so excited about their upcoming trip!!! They have already started journaling & packing their little carry on bags:) I cannot wait for them to experience Ethiopia...They remind me daily that they probably won't want to come back to the states!! ha!
11 more days!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

5 year old little boy....could he be yours??



Did you know that a 2 year & older child is considered an "older" child??? When we began the process to adopt...Kasey & I had originally thought we'd be open to age 0-2!! But, when we handed the driver seat over to God...he took charge & opened our minds & hearts to an "older" child or children!! We would never have dreamt that we'd be adopting 3 older children!!! Wow!! Amazing & life changing things happen when you allow God to lead you!!!

If you have ever felt that nudge to open your home to another child...please read the above link!! This little boy could change your life!!!!

    love & be loved.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

13 days by:Grant

I get to go to Ethiopia in 13 more days. I am soooooo excited to leave!!! I am so excited to go see our sister "A".
 My top ten things I am excited about:
 #1... to see my sister
 #2... to show love to alot of kids
 #3... to play with new friends
 #4... to visit Korah ( my mom says its a trash dump where many people live... I'm excited to show love to all of these kids.)
 #5... to finally see what Ethiopia is like
 #6... to spend time where my brothers and sister were born
 #7... to hand out donations that people have donated
 #8... looking forward to meeting some missionary families
 #9... hopefully to see some animals
 #10...exploring a different part of the world

When I get back I will tell you how it went.    Grant

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

20 days!!!!!

                                                 I get to see this smile in 20 days!!!!!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

unexpected blessing!!!!!

Wow....to say we've been blessed throughout our adoption process is an understatement....I mean, we have been so incredibly blessed!!! The way God works through each & every one of us is absolutely beautiful. Yesterday a certain someone had the kids & I over for an after school treat....This person also knows how we've been going back & forth on the idea...more of a wish...on taking our oldest 2 to ET with us, for this 1st trip!!! Well, the kiddos were eating their snack...and this special person asked Grant & Kate if they were going to be going to ET???? They both responded..."Ummm, we arent sure...mom & dad say it's so expensive!" And all of a sudden...she pulled out a check & handed it to them....the memo line read..."Grant & Kate plane tickets!!!!" What???? Are you kidding me?? Another God-given blessing. Wow! So, we have 4 excited kiddos!!! Grant & Kate will be going with on our Court trip:) And, Tesfa & Ageze will be spending their time with my parents...which they are thrilled about!!!! I can hardly wait for G & K to step foot on Ethiopian ground..I love that they will be able to understand & comprehend all we talk about, regarding Ethiopia & it's people. They will experience pure joy. sadness. God's beauty. everywhere. These next 27 days cannot go quick enough!!!!! Please be praying for good health, safe travels, all 7 of us, that God will use Grant & Kate in ways that will delight in Him, protection over the 4 of us while we are away, comfort over Ageze & Tesfa & for our girl as she meets us for the 1st time. God is good. All the time.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

packing.planning & puppy praise.

It's February 8th....that means in just 28 days we will be meeting our girl!!! Yes, the countdown has begun!!! I got my suitcase out today...aaaahhh...feels so surreal!!! In between packing a few things here & there, I'm also starting to think about different things to take for her.. to leave with her while she's waiting. When we were waiting for the boys...we sent over a laminated poster with pic's of them & us...a bracelet for each of them with their names & a shirt we had made:) This time, although I'd like to do something similar...I've also thought about taking a cute pillowcase with our picture on it! If any of you families have any other fun, creative ideas that your kids seemed to really like...feel free to pass them my way!!

I'm sure you are all wondering about what I meant by puppy praise...well, a few weeks ago my parents got a new miniature schnauzer....after a week & a half...they decided that with almost 10 grandkids...that they would prefer spending their time on them:) so, that meant that this new little puppy needed a new home...and, if you know Kate at all...you know exactly what her little heart was feeling & thinking. So, we are on week 2 with a new puppy...wow, is he cute...but alot of work. Anyhow, Kate had taken "Griz" out in the backyard to go potty, while I was inside looking out the back window...(you see, she & Griz are inseparable!!) She was following him around making sure he was doing his duties...and I noticed he had gone potty, so i knocked on the glass & said to Kate.."Kate, praise him!! clap your hands!! praise him Kate:)" Well, she took that very serious. She folded her hands & started bowing down to Griz, smiling at him, clapping & continued to bow down, with her hands folded ever so nicely!!! I was laughing hysterically inside. She came in & asked me what I was laughing at..."Mom, you told me to praise him, so that's what I did!! That's how people praise Jesus!!"   Too precious not to write down!! I love the love & care she shows to not only her pup, but all of the people that are in her life!! This girl knows how to love large!!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Emotion alert!!!!

If any of you heard screaming, shouting & praising Thursday afternoon...well, that would've been me!! We received the long awaited( really, it was less than a week from the time we were submitted to court until we heard about our court date!!) phone call....yes, the one where you jump up & down with joy, anticipation, anxiety, excitement, utter disbelief...yep, it was that call.....We got our court date!!!! We will be leaving somewhere around March 5th for Ethiopia!!!! That means we will see our daughter's most precious face...the one we've been staring at & praying over for the past 7 months...in about one month!!!! I guess you could say I'm a bit excited!! But, with that excitement, comes many other emotions. This time our adoption process is a bit different...not sure if you remember or not...but, when we went to Ethiopia to get our boys..it was exactly that. We met them for the 1st time & we also brought them home with us. This time, that is different. We go to Ethiopia to meet her & go to court, where we hope to hear she is legally our's:) And, we are able to spend a few hours a day with her, at the care center where she is at. Which, to this momma..is really hard to think of..just a few hours:( So, as of today I am really struggling with the fact that we will be leaving her in Ethiopia while we board a plane & head back to the U.S. It breaks my heart. My mind can't even go there. I know so many other children & families have had to go through this many times...I know she "gets" this process....which again, breaks my heart. Ageze & Tesfa have been sharing their thoughts about this situation...Ageze says..."Momma, it take so long for you to come." Tesfa says..."I cry & cry & cry...In Ethiopia I want my mom & dad." And, for them...the day we met them...they came with us & they were no longer waiting. The thought of her having to wait again while we are in the states, between court & embassy...well, it just about tears my heart apart. Please pray for "A's" Heart & our's. Obviously, I'm most concerned with how she will handle it...I KNOW without a doubt that we WILL be back. She, on the other hand has had so many caregivers & so many changes in her little life...I just wish there was a way to stay in ET while waiting to bring her home...I know, you all think that's crazy talk:) Really, I have tossed & turned that idea in my head for months now...and the main reason we can't do that is obviously because of finances...plane tickets are $$$$. And, taking 6 of us...well, that's absolutely very expensive....but in my wishful thinking moments...I just wish this was a possibility:) So there you have it...lots of emotions!!! But, most of all..we are just so anxiously awaiting the day we hold her in our arms!        xo