Tuesday, June 18, 2013

life as of late...iphone style.

Every once in a while, its fun to look through my pics on my phone that have been taken...alot of times I'm unsure of what kind of photos our kids have taken with it!! As my phone was connected to my computer this morning, thought it might be fun to post a few of these!! As you can see, Kate is not shy of the camera!! 

Grant & I getting ready to head to the airport for Ethiopia.
 Grant & I in Denver!
 Day 1 of Grant & I in Ethiopia & we got this sweet pic!! 
 Our Ethiopian Airlines Plane getting ready for our 13 hr flight!! Loved ET Air!!
 My dads 1st meal in Ethiopia...interesting!!
 Grant & I at the top of Entoto Mountain:)
 Beauty everywhere in Addis..
 Grant grinding the coffee beans for the ceremony!
 grant & my dad.
 dinner at Makush in Addis with our team!!
 Our Jemo kids!! Miss them!!
 our plane!
 Our precious niece Lily...sweet, sweet baby!!
 sunny view from our picnic blanket in our backyard:)
 Ageze looking for ticks in Kates hair..haha!! this pic cracks me up for many reasons!!
 My latest project! Canvas transfers! Like how distressed they are!
 My favorite summer salad dressing!! Tastes delicious on a spinach, strawberry, raspberry & blueberry salad!
 Ariyat & one of many scarves!! 
 our traveling boy!
 Our sweet & silly Kate!
 And, here she goes.....ha!!! 

 picnic at the park with cousins!!
 Me & kiddos out to lunch!
 Silly faces!
 Love my plants! So enjoy spending time in my flower/plant garden!
Celebrating the man I love with our family!
 Fathers day swim with this rad dad!! We are lucky I tell ya!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ethiopia: Thursday, May 16th, 2013.

What a bittersweet day! I was looking forward to seeing the rest of our clan but it was hard saying goodbye to our Ethiopia friends! Breakfast at the guesthouse, headed to our last day (for now!) at Jemo, enjoyed watching the kids design their t-shirts! They were thrilled to put their new shirts on as soon as they were finished coloring:) They also had fun playing more games and coloring too! Once that was all wrapped up, the women at Jemo were ready to serve the meal they had worked so hard at preparing!! My, oh my...was it delicious!! They were so proud to serve all of the children & our team! After our lunch & coffee, I knew the dreaded good bye's were coming. The Jemo staff had gathered all of the 150 children & the staff had a special gift to present to each of us... They spoke very special, heart felt words to our team, we exchanged hugs & were each called up to receive a beautiful hand woven scarf! As I looked out into those beautiful faces of all of our new friends, I tried hard to hold back tears...didn't last for long. I could spot Betelehem sitting amongst her friends but couldn't see Yordanose...then I saw her head peek up with tears streaming down her face..So hard to say goodbye to our precious friends...Once we gave hugs to all of the children & staff, we made our way to the van...silence the whole back to the guest house. What an emotional day. We got back to the guest house hoping for a shower before we made our way to the market, dinner & airport but to no avail! We went to the market one last time, headed to dinner & then we were dropped off at the airport by Hilena, Fikre & Solomon...another emotional see you soon!! What an incredibly beautiful time we had in Ethiopia! Hope you enjoyed a bit of what our week was like!!

 Incredibly hard working women!
 precious mom. precious baby.


 Kalkidan & her painted nails!!
 Ashlee & Hermela!
 My dad with his sponsored little girl, Kalkidan & her father:)

 I walked by them coloring their shirts & noticed our names on them...they asked then that I finish it!! Thought it was appropriate to finish with....Kasey & Kristen love me!!   We sure do!
 Betelehem & Yordanose:)
 My dad reading Buzanesh his letter.

 {prayers before our meal}
 our Jemo kids!