Thursday, October 29, 2009'll never forget it.....

Orphan Sunday from Christian Alliance for Orphans on Vimeo.

I love the fact that our church is starting to take part in things that you would think would have already been the norm. I read this comment on the Show Hope website by Scott Hasenbalq and liked it.  "If we want to be God's hands and feet extended outside of the four walls of the church, it is critical to reach those on the inside of the four walls and make the unaware, aware."

Monday, October 26, 2009

happy monday!!!

oh mondays...not so bad..considering i have brownies baking, pumpkins ready to carve,wonderful hot cocoa to be had,and a very mild day here in bis!All I need now is my sweet children to join me(30 min till pick up time..yay!!) if you didn't already know, i love 3:00 in the afternoon..schools out!!! Oh, a little update on our adoption process...we are just waiting on my physical to be done, and the remainder of our $ to be turned in..slowly,but surely!! It will all happen at the right time,and that is gods timing,so we must be patient. But for today i feel so blessed and thankful... the kids are healthy,happy and enjoying school and their friends,my, how they love play dates!! We have a great family, wonderful friends, and splendid sunday dinners at my mom & dads!! what more could i ask for?? i just feel so blessed that my siblings and i were brought up in such a loving,nurturing,caring,giving when and how we can household. I hope i can pass all of these things down to our kids.And when i say give, i dont mean it monetarily(sp?) what about doing something simple?? Reaching out, loving and helping those who need our help doesn't just benefit the receiver, it will definitely bless your heart also...step out and you too, will be loved... xo

Friday, October 16, 2009


What a fun week it has been!  I've met up with two friends this past week, celebrated my SIL, my mom's 50th,and my grandmas bdays.  Spent lazy mornings with my kiddos, ate some good breakfast, watched a few kid movies.  Oh, how I love my kids!!  I feel blessed to have each of these girls in my life!  I surely hope that I am doing at least 1/2 as good of a job my mom did (and dad) at raising us 4 kids.  I hope that at 50, I too will be such a great mom/friend, wife, nana, cook, housekeeper, and the list goes on!!  Today I had a little "free" time, so I browsed a few blogs and this is what i found! "The reward for considering the helpless is not just the end result, but the pain, the heart pain, that accompanies it.  It is cleansing to hurt when god himself hurts; it is a good thing."  I know god hurts for all of these children, and so do we.  We are thankful and feel lucky that we are going on this journey, so we can help 2 of these children, and give them a forever family.  This week we also found out that a couple we know through church, and have also become friends with, are beginning their adoption journey!  We are thrilled for them, their kids, and their families.  Check out their blog at We are off to celebrate grandma's b-day, and hopefully enjoy some cake!!  Happy weekend xo

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

craziness...but so much love!!

wow,what a week it's been! My past week has been a whole lotta sick goin on....first it was kate,myself and then oh so little grant.. He did have the dreaded (don't wanna say it)swine stuff,and if that wasnt enough by itself, the dr. called and informed us he also had strep..ugh...poor kid! anyhow, the icky stuff wasnt as bad as we were fearing....then came monday am, and off to school we went, and ended up in the ditch...i mean i know we live in ND, but not expecting this weather yet!! I'm sure their teachers got an ear full!! On a better note,we did have our last homestudy visit, and all went well! So now onto finishing up our dossier,and then the waiting begins!!! So thankful we are all healthy again, 4 day wknd for the kids,and hopefully some warmer days!! love and be loved xo

Monday, October 5, 2009

little bit of everything...

Thank you to everyone who came out to our sale this wknd!! All things considered(rain and cold weather...)the sale couldn't have gone better, well ok, i lied, i still have a very packed garage! That being said, i might try again this next weekend,we'll see!! But, we did raise a tremendous amount, so it feels like were  heading in the right direction..yay!! we are so lucky to have such great neighbors,that have become good friends.. so thank you for all helping me out this wknd!! what a great rainy day it is, kate is home sick( well, that's not good) but we've enjoyed hanging out on the couch,watching the hannah montana movie(we're now watching it for the 3rd time!!) and eating tv, off to get grant from school,hoping his day was fun,as well!! love picking the kids up from part of my day!! Happy monday..xo

Thursday, October 1, 2009

busy as a bee..

fun,fun,fun... wow, rummage sales are alot of work! yep,that's right, we are getting our garage ready for our sale this wknd,Oct. 2nd-4th! Thank you so very much to those who have donated their belongings and their hearts!! We really appreciate all of the help and the donations that have been dropped off!! Even though the wknd is going to be a bit cold....still venture out,WE HAVE A HEATER,and thanks go out to Blair for that!! ( We all know how much i like this weather...ugh...) We will also be selling our ethiopian coffee,and the oh so cool tees that my creative husband designed!!! So far we have alot of great baby boy clothes,furniture,kitchen gadgets,mens clothes, girl stuff, grills and much more!! hope to see you there!! xo  P.S. can't wait to be on the wait list....