Friday, July 29, 2011

Adopt/Sponsor a puzzle piece!!!

Adoption is a bit like a puzzle....sometimes complicated, lengthy, time consuming, discouraging, challenging...but, oh so worth it & rewarding when completed!!! Would you please consider sponsoring/adopting a piece of the puzzle...$10.00 per piece...once you have sponsored one...your names will be put on the back of the piece...once completed, we will be able to show our sweet "A" all of the people who helped in bringing her home!! And, it will surely have a place on our wall:) It's a beautiful 500 piece puzzle, of a continent that has a very special place in our hearts. Time to time...i will update you with the puzzle progress!!! On the left side of our will see a donate there & you will be able to choose the number of pieces you'd like to sponsor by how much you choose to donate!!!

where there is a will...there is a way.

Last evening I ran into a gal whom I've visited with a couple of times...she has a heart for adoption. You can see the love in her eyes for children. The first time i met her was in Target. She was walking in the baby dept. gazing at all of the teeny-tiny baby clothes. Here i thought she was looking for a baby gift...what i didn't know until i met her was hat she was looking at the baby stuff in hopes she will have a child in the near future. We visited that 1st time about the what-if's, financial stuff, international vs. domestic...yes, right there in the Target aisle! When I saw her again last night, I asked her how the process was going. She commented that they won't begin until they have enough $$$. I was honest & understanding. That was always the same reason in the past for our family. We never knew how we would do it financially. But we did. HE DID!! Every time we needed to turn in a certain amt of was there, and The Lord's hand was all over it. My faith & trust in Our Lord has certainly grown. We were willing. And He Led. So, I urge you or your friend, family member, co-worker...who has a willing heart...go for it...just let God take the lead.
A few resources for grant's or interest free loans are listed below:
Abba Fund-offer's interest free loans, matching grant's, partnership's with churches

Lifesong for Orphans-offers interest free loans to adoptive families & partners with local church by offering matching grants. Member of the Evangelical Council For Financial Accountability.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry-Offers adoption grants & assistance in adoption fundraising

Also...our church held a fundraising dinner, we had a donation only garage sale, we sold t-shirts, sold coffee from Africa...those were all very beneficial in raising the money we needed to bring Ageze & Tesfa home!!

Thanks again to those who supported us...we appreciate it so very much!!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

are they brothers???

I've been asked this question a hundred times since bringing Ageze & Tesfa home...and for some's really starting to annoy this momma!! Yesterday, someone at church came up to our front of our kid's & said..."are they brother's?" I said..."yes." And they said..."well, real brother's?"....ugh!! Now, I've never been asked if Grant & Kate are "real" siblings...wonder why??!! And really...what does it matter...they are all of our children, so that makes them "real" siblings!! I feel like every time a question like this is takes us 1 step back in the whole attachment/bonding we are...each day telling/reassuring A & T that they are so special to our family...they are "us"...we are their to, when that ? is asked as frequently as it creates division...even though they are only 3 & 4 yrs old...they are so smart...they realize & question their color, what they were like as a baby, why we don't have their skin, when they hear that being asked...I know it goes somewhere in their heart...they are thinkers..And, I do understand that we will always have new issues/questions to handle as they are growing up...and we will prepare all of our kid's to handle these types of situations/questions...with confidence, belief in themselves & grace for others.....just wished there would be a bit more sensitivity in this sometimes insensitive world. As this person was asking...I looked at our children...Ageze looked completely tough &, put your curiousity aside...and rest assured knowing that they are "real" brother's.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

sweet Tesfa:)

Today while eating dinner...Tesfa said to me..."mom, when I get bigger, i don't want to be a policia(police man)...I want to be a daddy & marry you momma...but don't tell Ageze, cuz he say I can't marry you!!" xo

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Big ole family vacation...Black Hills 2011:)

What a wonderful weekend we had!! My parents took all 4 of us kids and our families to the Black Hills in South Dakota for a long, beautiful weekend!! We enjoyed hanging out together, REptile Garden's, Mount Rushmore, Rushmore Cave, Storybook Island & hiking!! There were a total of 18 of us...8 kids & 10 adults...good times people!!! The kids really enjoyed being with their cousins, nana & bompa all weekend...I think they had withdrawals for a few days after we were home!! Thanks Mom & Dad...Nana & Bompa for a wonderful time...what fun memories:) xo

Monday, July 18, 2011

1 year ago today....part 3!!!

Today marks our 1 year home with Ageze & Tesfa!! This morning we were talking about it together..and Ageze said..."Mom, We are celebrating me & Tesfa??" Yup!! We intended on making Ethiopian Food...but our past week has been, They will choose where we will have dinner or what we will eat for dinner...other than that...we are thankful today that they've been with us for a year!!! That's something to celebrate:) When I look at the above pic's it reminds of how far they have come in this past yr..Today Ageze said, "Momma, when we got to ET to pick up our sister, they not know how we talk, they won't understand!"...and he started giggling!! He said..."I show them how to talk America!!" Ha!! When people comment on how wonderful we are to be doing what we are doing...I can't take the's all God. We listened. We followed. We were extremely blessed.

xo kristen

Sunday, July 17, 2011

impatient, yet hopeful..

I feel guilty even saying this...but I'm feeling so impatient waiting for our sweet "A".. She has no idea yet that she has a family coming for her...but I hope somehow, She might just feel a bit more comfort, peace & love... trusting that someone, somewhere loves her so. We received a couple of videos of her the other day...she is precious! In one of the videos she's swinging & singing at the top of her lungs, and then you can hear all of the other kids outside start singing along to the same I wish I could see We love her. We feel so close to her. But yet soooooo far. We can't wait to see her beautiful, smiling face. We trust that this process will be perfect in God's timing. We pray we are able to take all of our kid's with us. Yes, a looooong flight with 4 kids. Kasey hopes to stay for a couple of wks with us. I hope to stay with all 5 of our kid's until the day we can bring our girl home. We plan to help out at the orphanages. Visit different shelters. Show love. Show hope. to those who need it most. And, we believe. We believe & trust that this hope & dream of our's will come true. I can't wait for our children to experience this together. As a family. I can't wait till my feet, or should I say...our plane...touches down in Addis!! So, I guess more than feeling impatient...I'm feeling hopeful..I have my favorite song playing now on my blog..."Thousand Stars.." Please listen to it...carefully. I have to share with you a precious story from yesterday...The kid's wanted to do a lemonade stand...which I've never been crazy about..but, when they told me they wanted to take donations to help bring their sister could I say "no!" We dug out Grant's work bench...they painted away...all by themselves...about a wk ago I found really cute lemonade stand stuff at Target for 1/2 they jazzed up their stand...I made lemonade & cookies..we set up on our busy boulevard down the street...the kids wrote on the donation box..."Donations to bring our sister home from Ethiopia!!" Such a sweet sight...& our local Newspaper thought it was pretty sweet too!! They came by, snapped a few pic's, interviewed them...and what do you know...they made the front page of our paper...and they are $156.00 further to reaching their plane ticket goal!!! So, if you ever wonder how adoption will affect your other kid's at home...I'd say this is a pretty good indicator!! They are already in love & can't wait to have her home...not that it comes without it's challenges.It does. But, parenting any child. whether adopted or biological, comes with challenges!! I'll leave you with a pic of the kid's at their stand!! Thanks to all of you who stopped by...gave our children hope that it is indeed possible for them to go to the country where their sister is waiting..We appreciate it...xo

Saturday, July 16, 2011

this old house...before & after!!!

Just had to show you all pic's of our new "old" home, from when we moved in & now this week after the painting & shutters were all finished!! So happy with the finished product!! Makes our old house feel a bit modernized & cleaned up...doesn't feel so old anymore...even though it was built in 1929!!'s old!! Loving the character & uniqueness of it...What are your fave parts of your "old" home??? xo

Friday, July 15, 2011

family pics...summer 2011:)

What a fun evening we had with our friends!! Their names are Brittany & John and can't forget about their precious baby Cruz!! We met this past winter...Brittany is actually from Bismarck. Her & her Husband were in the midst of their adoption process...So, we quickly became friends & could relate on Adoption. But more than that...they are two of the most genuine,real, God-loving people who love children & are just so fun to be around!! So lucky to have friends like these!! Only wish they lived closer. Anyhow, we had them over the other evening for dinner...and Brittany, being a professional REALLY professional...texted me about 15 min before coming...said she was bringing her camera...oops...I was totally not prepared for quickly changed, got the kiddos cleaned up...and the pic's began...only like 15 min of pic' great is that!! Thank's Brittany for capturing our kiddos personalities & smiles!! We love them!! Head on over to check out her site!! XO