Wednesday, August 25, 2010

school has begun!!!

wow...what a change!!! getting up before the sun rises...not my thing!!! I would definitely call myself a morning person....but, man, this morning came too early..for all of us!! The kids were so excited this am...dressed in their "first day of school" clothes, backpacks on, and smiles all-around!! Ageze and Tesfa were not as excited...they were obviously wondering where they were off to, when they would return, and why we all weren't going to be staying at school!!! Once we left the kids, which is always sad for this momma...however, they are in good hands...their teachers seem fabulous....we did a few errands, baked a cake..Tesfa napped, and basically watched the clock for 3:00!! You should have seen the looks on both A & T's faces...priceless...they were so thrilled to see their kids!! I think fun was had by all, and we are off to a good start!! enjoy a few cute pics of our kiddos!!   xo kristen

better late than never....

Here are a few pics from Grant's b-day bash!!! He was sooo wishing for an electric guitar, and well, after much searching, we found the perfect one!! In fact, he starts lessons this next week, and we can't wait till he starts playing for us!!! Bring on the jam sessions:) As you can see, it's a good thing he has himself a couple of brothers!!! We had a fun, warm day..full of friends & family:) I can't believe he is 8 already!!! Here's to a great 8th year buddy!!! xo mom

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

night before 1st & 2nd grade....

WOW!!! It seems as if our summer just began, and now..i'm busy setting the alarm, getting clothes & snacks prepared, and going to back 2 school parties!! It is so hard to believe that we have a 1st, and 2nd grader!! They are both quite excited, and are anxiously awaiting seeing all of their friends tomorrow!! As the excitement is growing around our home, I can't help but feeling sad...I am not one of those mom's who await the school year...I'm already looking forward to next summer!! I truly enjoy our children, and love being with them...It's hard to imagine them being at school all day:( So, here's to a healthy, fun & exciting school year!!!! enjoy a few more end of summer pics!!!   xo kristen

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day's 4 & 5....

well, I must say I'm sorry as to how slowly I've been telling our travel stories, however, we've been playing, preparing for school  2 start, packing, and moving into our new home...and of course, Painting!!! After our "gotcha day".....we knew we were in for a great 4...Monday, was another good day..we went back to the care center to deliver donations, loved on the kiddos a bit more, and then went to the markets for a bit!! Day 5....we traveled up to Entoto Mountain..WOW!!! what a view!!! Shopped a bit more, and headed back after a long, but fun day!!! It's so hard to put into words all of these experiences...Let me tell must travel to Ethiopia!!!! Trying to explain, and give you an accurate description of our time and travels there...does NOT even compare to the GREATNESS we experienced....And I can't wait till the day we get to go back!!!(the plane ride & all...ha!!) Well, must get to the pics...xo kristen

Thursday, August 12, 2010

8 Years ago....

We were blessed by the birth of our son, Grant!! are such a funny,sweet, kind, intelligent, generous, tender-hearted young guy!! We all love you sooooo much!! I am one lucky mom, and we are one lucky family to have you in our lives!! We hope you have an exciting "rockstar" birthday!!!
                                            xoxo mom, dad, kate, ageze & tesfa 

Monday, August 9, 2010

3rd day...July 11th, 2010

Well, after what seemed like forever...we finally made it to Ethiopia!! The 3rd day(our Gotcha day) was wonderful!! We woke early, around 5 a.m....and could hardly wait until our driver came to pick us up!! We had a delicious breakfast at our guest house...The Yebsabi!! We truly had a great time there, and would recommend it to anyone & everyone!! After breakfast we visited with a few other adoptive families..patiently waiting for Eyob...well, don't know if I'd say patiently...but we did wait:) Around 9:45 Eyob arrived and took us to our boys...yayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! What an exciting, nerve-racking, surreal moment that was!! And just as I had expected...we drove down an alley, and off to the right were the gates to the Care Ctr, Eyob honked and we drove on in!!! What a sight that was!!! I practically got strangled by my seatbelt...i couldn't get out of that car any faster!!! As we got out, I could hear the children say..."Ageze Mama!!" Then sweet Ageze came walking right up to me, arms wide open..and said "mama!!" Yep...mama was here at last!!! Then of course, I said,"where's Tesfa?" Turned around, and there he was!! Staring at me with those big eyes!!! How full my heart felt, and continues to feel...And now, since returning home, I can't help but think of all of the children we met that week who DON'T have a forever family, someone tucking them in at night, kissing their boo-boo's, telling them they ARE loved....I had numerous children come up to me and say,"America?"...or simply call me I hope that someday soon they will be able to call someone Mama....Anyhow, i could write about all we experienced for weeks..but let me finish how our day went...We spent about an hour at the C.C that day, and then returned back to our Guest House with our arms & hearts sooo full:) We had lunch, played outside, took bath's, and just played together...we all snuggled up together that night, and they slept sound till the next morning!! Enjoy our "Gotcha Day" pics!! xo kristen & co.