Monday, June 28, 2010

cute cousins:)

What a fun way to start off our week!! We went to my mom &dad's and played on the waterslide ALL day with my sister's kids!!! Oh, how we LOVE these two kiddos!! Fun was had by all!! Thanks Nana for providing a place to!! And of course, who doesnt like snow cones!!??!! Also, trying to put together a list of to-do', where do i even begin??? In just 2 short( doesnt feel that short!!) weeks we'll be with our boys, and even 3 weeks we will be together...our family of 6!!!!! enjoy a few pics from our sunny day!!! 
                                           xo kristen

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer fun:)

Oh Wednesday, how I love this day!! My husband is home from work on this middle day of the week, the sun is warm, deck is almost done being stained, and my garage is being transformed into a garage seller's haven.....yes, i'm doing one more rummage sale, hoping to get rid of what we had left from our October sale!! Come one, Come All!!! Friday & Saturday 25th,26th..9-5...comment below if you'd like the address!! Yesterday we had a blast playing with our friends on their new water slide park...what fun!! We also got word that the boys' Birth Certificates were in, and the Adoption Decrees!! So very fun & amazing to see those birth certificates with our names listed as their parents!!! We also received a few new pics today...soooo enjoy taking a peek at our week!!!  xo kristen & co.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

dad's day.......

oh, what a day!!! Happy Father's Day to all of you dad's out there!!! I was lucky to have shared my day with a few really special dad's!!! Kasey, I and the kids went to the zoo(yes, the zoo again!!) We frequent the zoo often!! It was a gorgeous day today, so we had a blast being outdoors:) Then we headed over to my brother's and sister-in-law's home, and enjoyed a grill-out, family, and a few walks around the neighborhood!! It's always fun seeing the cousins together...they are quite the bunch!!(and our bunch is growing!!) I have to tell you....I have the best dad in the entire world!!!(i know, im sure you do too!!) But really, he is one hard-working, family-loving, best bompa, adventurer, god-loving guy!! And i'm happy to claim him as my dad!! Also...a shout out to my father-in-law, Archie....who is in California..we wish we could have shared this day with you too!! well, i'll leave you with a few pics from our fun day!! xo kristen

It's a dog's Life...

Two days ago we had the privilege of puppy-sitting Duke, a 9-wk old boxer, and exhausted our Nala, and our boy(he did not like the puppy biting his Nala)!!! So glad our puppy has grown out of the bite-onto-your-pants & never let go phase!!! Wonder what Ageze & Tesfa will think of Nala???? Well, in about 28 more days we will see!!!! Leaving on a jet plane in 19 days....
             xo kristen

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


grab a kleenex or two....and be moved..please watch the above video If that doesn't stir your heart, what will???

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Man, are we one lucky family to have this guy as our husband and dad!!! I must days would be quite boring if this crazy man wasn't in it!! So thankful that we are experiencing this life together, & appreciate you so very much!!!  xo kristen, grant, kate, ageze & tesfa

Sunday, June 13, 2010

satisfying sunday....

Have I ever told you all how much I LOVE Sunday's???? Well, I just do!! Today we started off the day by going to church, then celebrated my dad's and Kasey's birthday's at my parents house afterwards...corn on the cob, coney-dogs, watermelon...what more could i ask for??ha!! And topped it off with a little ColdStone Creamery cake...mmmm!!! The guys headed out to play ball, I played with the kiddos, and then found a nice spot to relax on the lawn!! After we played for a couple of hours, Kasey, kids and I thought it would be a great day for a walk/hike with our we headed out, and had a great time together!! We also received a little "milestone" report on our boys yesterday, so , here goes....Ageze is 40.6 inches & 35 lbs!!! And little man Tesfa is......33.9 inches & 28 lbs!!! They are sure growing!!! The kids keep asking how tall they are so...... we made a little growth chart thing by our countdown chain....!!!! I know, sounds crazy, but somehow looking at those pieces of paper with their names, and how tall they are makes me feel closer to them!!Ha!! 26 more days till we leave!!! Which means in less than a month, our boys will be in our arms!!!!
Enjoy a few pics from our day!!! May your days be satisfying to your soul...xo kristen

Thursday, June 10, 2010

grant & kates thoughts

these are our brothers! we are excited to have our brothers home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by:grant & kate

Green Gators!!!

This week has been full of fun times....friends, Vacation Bible School and more Vacation Bible School!! The theme this year is SonQuest Rainforest, and well, our group is named...The Gentle Gators(not quite sure of the gentle part, but we'll go with it!!) Last night the kids were asked to dress as a rainforest animal, and this is what we pulled off!! We've had our friend Molly join us this week, and we've had a blast!! Tonight is our last night, so we have a family fun dogs, hamburgers, singing, fun & family!! Fun Times!! xo kristen
 p.s. we're in the 20's...29 days to go!!!!