Sunday, March 6, 2016

-our hearts home. Ethiopia//2016. Last day. Connected in Hope. Salems. Carry 117.-

Our last day was a full day. From one side of the city to the other, we visited many wonderful ministries! Our 1st stop was at Connected In Hope's always such a joy to see the children, visit the excellent staff & this time, it was good to show our friends around & introduce them to a ministry we love so much. Connected in Hope, whether you are visiting the preschool, the guesthouse, leather studio or just stop by for a quick immediately have this feeling of how well it's operated, loved & nourished. And, its not  just a feeling. It's a fact. I'd encourage you to stop in next time you're in'll be so glad you did!!

Next, we stopped for a bite to eat at Lucy's!! Always a favorite of ours:) The atmosphere is fun, food is tasty & I love sitting under a thatched roof in the sun!!
Next up, we thought we'd try to find a shop called Salem's near Bole. I had saved a picture of the map on my phone, otherwise we would've been out of luck...take a left at a church, the next right, go down alley to discover this hidden little gem. And, it was a gem. A pretty compound in a nice area of Addis. It had lovely blankets, woven baskets, wall hangings, scarves, name it, a little bit of everything!! I would've loved to bring home a large woven basket!! They were beautiful!!! Much dreaming happening in my I'd love to combine a few of my favorite things from each of these shops to a street/website near you!! So, pray with me about this dream, k?!! Thanks!!
We had a couple of hours before we were able to visit Carry 117, so we headed over to Kaldis for some coffee & sunshine...we knew we were heading back to the cold, so we wanted to enjoy it as long as we could!! We visited for a bit & waited for Henok to arrive...Henok is the founder of Carry 117..we were so glad Yilkal introduced us to him & his ministry!!
Carry 117 provides dignity by empowering at-risk individuals in Korah with a sustainable job that allows them to provide for their family.

It was a privilege to visit with him, learn more about Carry 117 & visit the women in their working space!!

We then went to the guesthouse that Henok runs, where he also sells product that these women make...canvas & burlap backpacks, toiletry bags, cross body bags, wallets...all handmade by these women!! Grant bought a backpack that he has proudly been wearing!! I love purchasing products with stories!! After we shopped, we headed back to the guesthouse to visit, spend the rest of our day with Tsige & staff, a delicious coffee ceremony was prepared, & then dinner. Our flight would leave at 2 am, so we visited our night away until it was time to leave. Yilkal picked us up shortly after 11 & we headed for the airport. Too short of time to be in this place, but long enough to be away from the rest of our family. Always so much to ponder & process. Leaving Ethiopia is never easy, but we will return!! 

                                                        our friend Aya:)
xo Kristen

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